The C word. Novel coronavirus. We are all talking about it. Some people are very concerned for themselves and their loved ones. These are the people who are panic buying. Who can’t see the forest for the trees. There are some who think the rest of us are crazy. That we are panicking over nothing. I am somewhere in between. I think there is a real threat or the government and businesses all over our country wouldn’t be putting things on hold and limiting human contact.

This is not really what I want to talk about though. As in most situations in modern times, there are memes all over the internet regarding this pandemic. And since we are being told to practice social distancing, the assumption is naturally most grown adults in a household will turn to sex for comfort during this time. This is normal. I myself, in uncertain situations, in time of loss, I seek out intimacy. It makes us feel alive and centered when the world around is spinning out of control. Then they make the next connection. Sex = babies. And the memes about the Coronials roll out. These are babies who will be born out of a situation where the adults are seeking intimacy or simply don’t have anything better to do.

This hurts!!! For many of us, 1 in 8 in fact, sex does not equal babies. I enjoy humor in dark times. It reminds us to keep living, but never at the expense of others. I know we all mean well, but in this rocky time, perhaps we should think about what we say or post.

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