Today is one of those days. It doesn’t have any real significance in Lincoln’s life but it holds a lot of memories of planning for the future. Kyle and I love Halloween. We have enjoyed dressing up together over the years. We have been our favorite movies characters, pieces from Clue, pirates, and even G.I.Joe. I had it all planned out to add Lincoln into our costumes. His first Halloween, we were going to go as Jack Skellington, Sally and Lincoln would be our Oogie Boogie Man. He would have looked so cute dressed in a little potato sack. This year would have been the best so far because I think he would have been excited to pick his costume. We may have gone trick-or-treating for the first time. At least to a few places we know. It’s days like today when I miss him the most. Because the truth is, we didn’t just lose our baby. We lost his toddler hood, we lost him as a teenager, and all of the other stages.

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