I am in a funk. To start, it is holiday time. We survived Thanksgiving. But I was very disappointed again that few people talked about Lincoln unless I brought him up first. I get all kinds of responses when I post on social media but when in person, people seem to avoid the topic. It makes me want to scream and yet I wonder if it is something I should just accept. I read a post by another loss mom about this same thing. At the time her words resonated with me but now they are lost. I can’t remember what she said that at the time seemed so insightful. How can I accept that others don’t mention my son? It feels like betrayal. I hear all the time that people don’t know what to say. I don’t know that I can tell you the exact words, just let me know that you are missing him too and say it first. Don’t wait to see how I am feeling or if I might bring him up. Because of course I miss him, of course he is on my mind. Every. Single. Day. And now I am dreading Christmas. I am dreading the effort it takes to decorate, but I feel this need to make things sparkly and bright. As though that might ease the hurt in my heart that I won’t have to tell my toddler not to play with the ornaments or my other breakables. Lincoln should be here to share in the wonder of this season. He even has his own stocking now. There was a visitor at our office last week. My CFO has a grandson named Lincoln, born a month after our Lincoln. He was wandering around picking up phones and anything he could get his hands on. My heart ached with the thought of my mischievous little boy and all the things he should be getting into. On top of all of this, we are struggling to get pregnant again. We have been trying for close to a year with no success. And we don’t know why. We have met with a new doctor, who is running tests to get to the root of our trials. But when he looked at our initial results, his response was “Everything looks great, why aren’t you pregnant?” I don’t know. I am finally feeling like I am getting my health back on track. But even that has added to my gloom, as I finished all 8 weeks of a new program. I want to start over, but can’t seem to find the drive that kept my going the last 2 months. I just feel as though I am in a quagmire of melancholy. I fear getting stuck but the more I struggle, the more I stay in the same place. 

4 thoughts on “Funk

  1. I have experienced this too. I lost my 5 day old son to RSV. All i want is to talk about him with the people who got to know him but it makes every single person sad and uncomfortable. Talking about my lost son makes me feel more connected to him, like he is still here, but everyone else wants to avoid. On social media it is different- people will comment things on my posts. but in person it is just this unspoken thing that my baby was lost. I am sorry you have had to experience this too. i was glad to find your post and read it…makes me feel less alone.

    1. I am sorry to hear that you have gone through the loss of a child; I am also glad to know that my words have reached you. It is one of the reasons I write. What was your son’s name?

      1. I was writing on facebook but someone suggested a different platform for me, So i just created an account to share my feelings and thoughts. His name was James Alexander, He was so beautiful and seemingly healthy, got sick very suddenly and died only 24 hours after the doctors caught it. the worst day of my life. It has been two weeks exactly since his passing and i do not know how to live without him

      2. Oh how I remember that fresh grief. I am so sorry Mama that you have to face this. Loss sucks! I would be glad to point you to some resources that were helpful to me. Please know that I am always here to listen.

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