When I arrived in Scotland (especially since the flight was so short), it was as if we had turned around and landed back in Dublin. The landscape is very similar, lots of green fields dotted with sheep and cows. The Scottish are a little bit more difficult to understand but I love hearing the thick brogue. I wandered around Glasgow yesterday while I waited for my room to be ready. It is a pretty city. The Scottish have an affinity for statues; you can see one every few blocks. They are soldiers, authors, rulers. This morning I caught the train to Edinburgh. I went to a whiskey museum. The process to make single malt is very similar to making beer. You germinate barley, grind it into a grist, add pure water, let ferment, distill, age 10 to 5o years. It is aged in barrels previously used to age bourbon or sherry. This adds to the flavors and gives it its golden color. After the museum, I went to Edinburgh castle. This castle was an area used to defend Scotland from invaders from the ocean. Also Mary, Queen of Scots gave birth to her successor James IV here. It currently houses the Scottish crown jewels: a crown, a scepter, a sword, and the stone of destiny. There is also a memorial to Scottish soldiers who gave their lives fighting in WWI and WWII. Tomorrow I am going hunting for Nessie! 

statue of Prince Albert/ “In Latin agua vitae means water of life. In Gaelic this translates as uisge beatha – later shortened to uisge or whiskey in English”

palace of Mary, Queen of Scots – Edinburgh Castle

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