Dublin Zoo/Waterford

Today was a big day. We woke and got ready and headed to the Dublin Zoo. It was small but allowed up some up close experiences with the animals. It is the 4th oldest zoo in Europe and  the largest in Ireland. It rained/misted (whichever way you want to look at it) off and on for the two or so hours we were there. Around 12:30 we had seen everything we went to see and headed for Waterford. The drive was really easy; we took the interstate for the most part. We had to pay a toll as we exited. I was told that the rental car agency had a pass and my credit card would be charged. That didn’t work. We used every last cent I had to pay the toll. We had just enough. We got to Waterford and promptly got lost. The GPS led us astray, if you can believe that. So we decided to check out a hotel we had seen advertised along out route and found out they were closed. We tried a Ramada we had seen while we were lost; they were full. So we drove down by the river parked and immediately found the Tower Hotel. We checked in and walked along the Suir River and saw some typical Irish buildings. We had dinner at a little bar with good food and good wine. Tomorrow the goal is to kiss the Blarney Stone.

I made him mad with my flash/Street in Waterford (hotel far right)

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