Today was an exciting day for me. I have company now. Emily got here around 3:30. It is great to have a familiar face with me to talk to about the scenery and drive with. We had dinner here at the pub in the hotel and took a short walk. I think we are in the outskirts of Dublin. We walked in a small park and saw a creek. There were several teenagers who were swimming; it looked a little cold to do that. Then we walked by an old cemetery, that dates from at least the 1840’s. Our street is a main thoroughfare, lots of traffic. Tomorrow we are headed to the zoo, then on to Waterford for the night. The plan is to drive around hitting Waterford, Cork and the Blarney Stone, the Cliffs of Moher, Galway, and back to Dublin. The plan is to play things by ear and stop when we see something we like and to be as spontaneous as possible. Not sure how the internet situation will play out but I will keep you updated when I can.


One thought on “Emily!

  1. Yay!!! So so glad that Emily was able to make the trip…you girls have fun…No Fighting!! Love you Mom

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