Leg Two

I made it to Dublin. I went and picked up my car and ran into my first major snag of the trip. I can’t take it out of Ireland. So I am not sure how yet I will be getting to Scotland but that will be an adventure. When I finally got to my car, I just sat there for several minutes sort of frozen and afraid. But I told myself I was being silly and I pulled out. For a moment when I pulled on to the road I wasn’t sure I was in the right lane (they mark the different lanes with a solid white line; they use yellow lines on the outside of the road).  Luckily my hotel was only about 10 minutes from the airport. When I arrived at the hotel, I hit my second major snag. They don’t have my booking. Back in March when I booked the hotel, they tried to run my debit card and it was declined (international transactions look suspicious so they bank denied it). I had this happen with a couple of my hotels but I always received notice and was able to fix the situation, just not this one. So they can put me up tonight and tomorrow but after that we are on our own. Oh well adds to the fun I guess.

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