Marbella/Estadio Bernabéu

I had a great weekend. I spent some time by the pool and got a little bit of a tan. Of course, I reapplied sunscreen every half hour so as not to burn my fair Midwest skin. One evening, I walked down to the beach and put my feet in the water and took some pictures. I decided not to spend the day on the beach because it was topless, but found that, that was normal practice at the pool as well. Oh well, I am too American for that I guess. 🙂











Yesterday I just relaxed after taking the train back into Madrid and today I was back to sightseeing. I took a tour of the stadium where Real Madrid plays soccer. They are considered the elite of Spain and have won many championships; league,national, and international. But they are also like the Yankees, in that, if you don’t like them, you hate them. I did get my picture taken with Cristiano Ronaldo. I can’t wait to show it off when I get home. Tomorrow the plan is to visit the Escorial and Valley of the Fallen.

One thought on “Marbella/Estadio Bernabéu

  1. Our teacher told us that at all swimsuit areas (beaches, outdoor pools, hot tubs) in Spain, it was socially acceptable to be topless. We saw boobs all over Costa Tropical y Costa del Sol.

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