Santiago de Compostela

Santiago is in the state of Spain known as Galicia. It was in this area many years ago that some of the nomadic Celts decided to stay when others moved on. This is also where it is said that body of the apostle James was buried. Many people make walking pilgrimages across Northern Spain that typically end here. I entered the cathedral today just at the end of mass. When things cleared out, I was able to walk underneath the altar where they have St. James’ tomb. I prayed for continued success on my trip. Then I waited with several others to receive a blessing from the priest. It was a great experience with the newness of my Catholic faith. Tomorrow I am taking a trip around Galicia to see how this area of the country differs totally from where I have been so far. For example, today I wore jeans and a sweatshirt, while the rest of Spain burns in the 90s.

The Cathedral of Santiago
Galician bag piper

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