Yesterday I grabbed the train at around 1 and arrived in Bilbao about 10. I had to change trains twice, once in Madrid and once in Zaragoza. The scenery up here is definitely very different; it’s pretty far north and the altitude is higher.

view from the train

I got up late this morning and went to the Guggenheim museum. I fell in love with one of the temporary exhibits. The artists name is David Hockney. He is from Yorkshire, England and he does mostly landscapes. But they are no ordinary landscapes. He uses the brightest colors and he really brings the scenery to life. If you go to the link or you can see some of his work. He even draws pictures using his iPad that are pretty impressive.Tomorrow I am headed to Guernica, the site of a bombing by Hitler’s Luftwaffe pre-WWII during the Spanish civil war.

the flower dog at the entrance to the museum
atrium of the museum

One thought on “Bilbao

  1. I am finally responding to your fabulous trip. I am living vicariously through you and your pictures – both those sites I have seen and the new ones (especially Bilbao). Have a great time. Bill

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