Alcazar, Calle de las flores

This morning I returned to the Alcazar to walk around a little by myself. This is actually a very small palace. It contains a throne room, a meeting room, royal baths done in the Arab style, and 4 towers with battlements so the palace could be guarded. It is walled in on all 4 sides for more protection. The focus of the palace is easily the gardens. There are several different parts to the gardens. There are several areas with water features (the parts highlighted in my night tour). One of the areas has several varieties of roses planted and it smells so good. After I left the Alcazar I went across the Roman bridge to the museum of the Tower of Calahorra. This museum highlights how Arabs, Jews, and Christians lived and worshiped here peacefully for many centuries helping to build Córdoba to it’s height as a major city in Europe. Then I had a bocadillo of bacon and cheese and walked to the flowered street. This is the most highly trafficked area of Córdoba. It is a little plaza that no cars can enter that is lined with several hundred pots of flowers hanging on the walls of the buildings on each side. Hundreds of people come through every day. Now I am off to experience for myself what the Arab baths were like.

tower of the lions
pools in Alcazar gardens

Flowered Street