Today was a travel day. I took the 9:10 train from Granada to Córdoba. We pulled into the station around noon. I grabbed some lunch and booked my next trip before I left the train station. Then I hung out in my room for a while. Córdoba has the hottest temperatures in all of Spain(It was about 97 at its hottest today). So I hung out inside until the high heat started to cool down. Then I wandered around the city. My hotel is right next to the orange grove that leads into the Gran Mezquita (Grand Mosque) of Córdoba. So I walked all around the perimeter and took some outside pictures (difficult with the narrow streets in this part of the city). The streets are so narrow they limit the traffic. Only taxis and mopeds can enter; they have to swipe a card that lowers a 1 foot diameter pole that blocks the middle of the street. Then I went and found the meeting spot for my guided tour of the city tomorrow. On my way there I stumbled across the option to go to a light and sound show in the gardens of the Alcazar of Córdoba (palace where Isabel and Ferdinand lived while here). It was here in this palace that Columbus finally convinced the Catholic rulers to send him to the new world. The show was great. We had a woman guide who posed as a woman from all the different powers in Córdoba. (This city is a true representation of all the peoples who have controlled Spain. The Romans, Moors, Jews, and Christians have all held power here and each left their mark on the city. My tour tomorrow will show me each mark.) Then at each reflection pool there were fountains and lights and music. It was a phenomenal end to my day. I think I may have finally switched over to Central European time. Funny, no matter whether I am here or there I am still on central time  (haha).

entrance to my hotel
bell tower for the Gran Mezquita
light show

One thought on “Córdoba

  1. Good Morning, or I guess early evening for you. 10AM Missouri time. I had a chance to get caught up on your blog this morning. What an amazing, once in a lifetime trip you are experiencing!!!! Think how proud Aunt Jean would be. Grandma would just be worried (LOL) I can’t wait for more!!! Travel safe. LOVE YOU LOTS!!!! Aunt Deb

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