Today was great. I slept in until about 10. Being lazy was great after all the travel. Then I got ready and walked around the city. I went to the Corte Ingles (a department store of sorts) and bought breakfast. Then I walked up to where old Granada starts. I walked along the outer fortified wall of the Alhambra. The city of Granada originated as a Jewish area known as Garnata. Then in 1490 Isabel and Ferdinand made it the capital of the parts of Spain they had unified. Here is also where they were approached by Columbus for money to travel across the ocean. In the modern area of Granada there are shops of every imaginable type. I think it’s so the Spanish can support their shopping habit. I rarely see someone not carrying a bag. Then I got lost on the way to the Museum of Andalusian Memory. I wandered into a mall I found and bought a book on three major cultural influences in Spain (Jews, Arabs, Christians) and how they have lived together for centuries. I asked directions from the shop keeper and promptly got lost again. I went into a hotel and finally ended up in the right place. It was a neat museum, very interactive. They had videos that played using your body movements (like playing Kinect). They had pull out drawers and things you could feel and areas with models of cities and buildings.

view from my hotel
old part of Granada
monument to Isabel and Columbus






5 thoughts on “Granada

  1. Oh, you’re not far from my school. The best kebabs close to you are at the FUENTE DE LAS BATALLAS. Great kebabs there and you can sit outside and watch the people. As a side note, for fun, I used to watch all the old guys gather there between 11 and noon. There were probably 20 or more retirement age buddies there who would be dressed to the nines to go shoot the breeze with their friends.

    The best tinto de verano I had was at the Matador which is super close to you. It’s on Calle Duende. I don’t know the number of the building but Calle Duende is only a few blocks long so you’ll find it easy.

    For best tapa, I would say is right by Plaza Nueva on Calley Elvira, the street before Plaza Nueva. It is called Antigua or something like that. It’s on the right. All decked out in medieval times style stuff. Anyway, you get a sandwich, fries, white dipping sauce, and a tinto for 2.20 euros. If I remember right, on the left on that same street before you get to Antigua is an Asian place that has all Asian tapas. Excellent. I think the drinks there with tapas were 2 euros. Like I said, I think it was that street.

    If you need anything, just let me know. Watch out for the guy with the tatooed face and if you can make it up to the Mirador de San Nicolas, it’s a great view. Also if you’re going to be there over the weekend and want to do an excursion, check at my school IMSOL (Instituto Mediterraneo Sol) at Enriqueta Lozano 17. They have excursions normally each weekend guided by Jose y Juan. Laura, the office manager, and Javier, the school director are very nice and helpful if you want to see what they are offering when you’re there. They were normally 30-50 euros. Las Alpujarras was a good one that I could not have seen on my own.

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