I made it!

Ok that was one of the longest traveling days I have ever had. So no pictures yet. But tomorrow I am going to try exploring the city. I did ride through a lot of the southern Spanish countryside. I took the train from Madrid to Granada by way of Cordoba. There are a lot of olive groves in this area of Spain. Olive oil is a common export. Some farmers grow wheat around their olive trees(not wanting to lose space I would guess) and others grade out the gravel and rock that the trees grow in (most of this part of Spain is very rocky – sorta Ozarksesque for the Missouri people only the hills are taller). And of course you have the farmer who lets whatever grow up around the tree. It would be interesting to research olive growing practices. Well I think that’s all for tonight (Spain is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time) so I am off to bed. Tomorrow…pictures!

2 thoughts on “I made it!

  1. Love your idea to post your travels, it will be fun to see your journey, especially since this might be the only way that most of us will be able to see Spain.
    Have a fantastic time! ~ Gloria Deno

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